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WAP Enabled Service

The wireless revolution has already began. And in the race to deliver the killer applications that will bring wireless success, being first means a lot. With our assistance, organizations can get where they need to go with wireless fast when it really counts.

Success in the wireless application arena, however, won't come easily. Wireless presents daunting application development challenges-a proliferation of devices with different capabilities and display formats, still evolving protocols, emerging standards, new programming languages. It takes skilled, knowledgeable developers who understand and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of advanced technology and who can quickly master wireless application design and development.

For organizations with existing Internet applications, we can help to quickly redesign and extend those applications to the wireless environment.

For organizations that are looking for ways to leverage the wireless Web, our full lifecycle services can help identify opportunities and architect and implement solutions.

For organizations that have already identified their wireless applications, we can deliver the technology, skilled development resources, and project managers necessary to build those applications fast by leveraging its onshore/offshore development model.

We provide the following offerings in the WAP solution domain:

Content Re-purposing We recreate existing web content to be accessed over WAP devices. Our special usability lab tests out the content for factors like ease of interaction, navigation and customization over multiple devices.

WAP Enabling We help organization get on the wireless web by integrating their existing applications with the wireless web. We use our WAE based development skills in building robust interfaces to legacy systems.

M-Commerce Solutions We help WAP dot com's get onto the web by crunching the development time using our 24x7 application development model. We use our system integration experience to assist clients in putting together m-commerce solutions through selection and integration of appropriate packaged products based on the client's internal business processes.