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Training Scope

BKN InfoTech provides continuity in professional education to individuals, plus employee training and development to corporations. BKN InfoTech offers business, management and project management training, as well as Information Technology (IT) training and certificate programs. Training delivery includes: classroom instruction, online business education, online computer courses, and onsite corporate training.

Key Offerings

Project Readiness Education: Designed for key members of your project team, various workshops address: Concepts and Best Practices - goals/challenges of specific business processes, benefits of optimizing those processes. Functional Implementer training as: business workflows, features and functions of specific BKN InfoTech solutions.

Technical Implementer training: Configuration, Customization, Integration with legacy systems.

Business Readiness Training: Designed for end users and suppliers: Addresses how to use and incorporate BKN InfoTech solutions in day-to-day work activities Developed by demand, all classes are custom-built.