Download result Of first international Olympiad.


BKN Infotech provides the youth an opportunity to work with us and our partners by conducting on campus interview and recruitment drive, which is excellent way of maximizing recruiting resource at times. Successful on campus interviews require considerable advance planning and careful attentions to detail. Company representatives work with sector managers to choose the number of interviews to be conducted, the format of the interview and the amount of time allotted for the interviews. On campus recruiting take a strategic approach. We conduct campus drive and offers job in the field of IT sector, Management sector, education sector, some multipurpose type of job works. We also conduct Olympiads on the International level, like Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Commerce Olympiad, Genius Olympiad. Detailed information regarding these is available on the specified panel of our website. We assist a candidate, with a good opportunity to work in a stable, popular and extended environment. At BKN, we understand the key elements for a candidate to achieve success in this life.


India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 62% of population in the working age group of 15-59 years and more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age. Even as on today around 12 million youth enter the workforce each year, which if skilled and educated, can become a great human resource pool, capable of serving not only the booming Indian Market, but also feed the global economy. But the economic growth demands skilled workforce. Production, Education and all other sectors require specially a skilled workforce. Here BKN performs the role of the medium which helps in transforming an unskilled workforce to skilled workforce. Our company is tied to various education and private sector companies which transform unskilled candidates to skilled candidates. Our tie up provides internship, jobs in many above mentioned sectors, through which a skilled labor force get ready to face and come up from the constrains of the rising challenges of today’s hard work.


A strong relationship between employer and employee is a must for an organization to succeed. A good employer-employee relationship requires constant nurturing and set expectations and result. Although hard work from both sides is always needed. The benefits are worth it. A healthy relationship between employer and employer leads to the advantages like increased morale and job satisfaction, high retention rate, better customer service, respect to job and a few more. Achieving strong employee relations is the providing employees with the image of ambition and success. Some practices that can be used by an employer or organization to flourish gratitude and appreciation (the word “please or thank you” goes a long way in an organization), constant feedback from employee, conflict reduction etc.