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Content Management Solution

In the fast paced markets and business environment has slowly made our economy increasingly information driven. Delivering Right Information, its pace and the medium has become a dominant factor in determining your success. Internet, Intranet or Extranet all these technology driven media can rely on our Robust custom developed and browser driven Content Management Solutions (CMS). These easy to use solutions have the capability to capture, create, manage and deliver information, whether it's contained in Soft Documents, databases or unstructured documents.

The CMS usually is deployed over the frequently changing sections of your web presence and empowers any non-technical person to carry out the updating in the information presented. The CMS application resides on the server protected with a username and password on a specific URL. Besides text updates the CMS also has the Features of uploading images in various sections, such as media briefs, ad campaigns, product portfolio, etc.

In a way our CMS gives you complete control over your website’s content making it a totally Zero Dependency & Low Maintenance Cost Solution. Few other features of the CMS are listed below;

Easy to Use Interface

Our CMS Solutions are browser driven and come with an easy to use interface that gives the administrator flexibility of choosing font color, sizes and typeface, provides facility to insert tables, images and media clips and gives a complete freedom on changing the page layout as well.

Workflow enabled content publishing

The CMS provides multiple levels of Administration so that any content, which is being made live, is authenticated and authorized before making it public.

Custom Developed to your Needs

For interactive modules that require querying a database before displaying information we develop custom made Content Management Solutions that